"I was getting to know a person and I asked Jesus for wisdom to know if he was the right person for me so that I would not waste my time with someone who did not respect my way of thinking and avoid unnecessary arguments. So before I went to meet the person I prayed Ephesians 6, Psalm 91 and 23 and the Lord's Prayer, I went to meet the person and we both found out that it was not worth it to continue talking for the purpose of a romance."
"When I converted I asked God to bless my sister with a baby, she had already tried to get pregnant but couldn't, tried worldly methods but it didn't work. But God heard my prayer and months later she told me she was pregnant, I praised God for what he had done in my sister's life. What doctors and the world can't do, God can do."
"Talking to his neighbors he noticed that they were sad because they had no grandchildren. One day when he saw his neighbors with their son/daughter he asked God to give them a grandchild, but at the same time he asked that it might be difficult because the couple's son/daughter had been married for more than 20 years. But God listened and gave her neighbors a grandchild and she herself gained 2 more grandchildren."
"She asked for prayer a few weeks ago for her sister's marriage, they are no longer talking about divorce. They are together."
"She wanted to have grandchildren in 2020, she took a calendar and made the 4th dimension, and a grandson and a granddaughter were born."
"He wanted to have grandchildren in 2020, took a calendar and made the 4th dimension, and a grandson and a granddaughter were born."
"One day, the Apostle and the Bishop were preaching about the family. In the meantime, they were talking about singles who wanted to get married. And a friend said to me, 'look, it's you'. And I said I didn't want to get married so that I could be free to serve God. Then the Apostle saw me laughing and said, "This sister who is laughing, stand up." I was ashamed and stood up. The Apostle said: "You will be very happy, God will give you a good husband". In the meantime, a few years have passed, I am here, married to a super wonderful man and I am really happy as I have never been in my life."
"I moved away from the church and was deluded that the world would bring me happiness. It was "good" for a while, I even got a boyfriend with whom I lived for 7 years and a son was born, but just as it has been taught about the family. That was all I experienced not good. Without changing a comma. Paths of drugs, of lies family in the middle, man who depended on the family to make all decisions. Anyway... Wrong choices. I went back to church. Gradually my life has been straightening out. The depression went away, panic attacks went away, the hatred I felt went away, the family that was disunited came back together. It has been a huge struggle. But with God I have overcome."
"I studied the word of God but I didn't understand and my husband made fun of me because he said I was stupid and I didn't get anywhere and I needed someone to guide me all the time. I was sad but it was really true until one day I went to talk to the pastor about this subject and she told me to have communion with God meditate on the word of God and pray Ephesians two three times a day for 1 month straight and then go talk to her again. Well, when I went to talk to her I went to tell her that Jesus helped me in my daily life even to help my husband with his things."
"She thanks God because on Tuesday she called to ask for prayer for her sister who lives in Angola and has 5 children, received Jesus recently and her marriage was on the verge of breaking. Then today she called to say that her husband is different, that the relationship is like when they were boyfriend and girlfriend."
"2 weeks ago he asked for prayer for his son who was having panic attacks because of the separation and his ex wife wouldn't let him talk to his daughter. This week he contacted his ex-wife and she already let him talk to his daughter."
"I separated from husband because he had alcohol addiction. I went into depression, because all the responsibility of taking care of the children, paying the rent fell on me. I was offended by my husband, because I was left alone in a country that is not mine, with all these problems. But now everything has changed, now I met Manna Church and my God is with me! I came out of depression. Now I am not worried about home. Now God comes first. I don't feel alone anymore because I have God!"
"2 years ago we presented to God a target of having more children because we already had a 9 year old son. During the church meetings we were guided by our leader to make the 4 dimension of the targets, a board with our dreams and take flight. Our desire was to have twin children so we took a picture of two children and made a poster for us to look at every day. During this period of waiting, we never stopped looking at Jesus, honoring him, sowing into our family target and declaring existence. And today, we are indeed pregnant. Thalita is pregnant with twins and it is something really tremendous. We see that even in the days of tribulation in the world, our targets must be alive and God works in our lives and so we can feel the difference of those who serve and those who do not serve God. We are very grateful to Him and our family is very happy for these blessings that are coming."
Pábalo e Thalita
"Since 2016 I wanted to have my second child, I was tormented by this situation every month I thought I was pregnant and suffered a lot when I realized that I was not, this issue became a nightmare for me. My mother suggested that I go for couple counseling, when I left that pastoral appointment that day I was transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit, I felt the anointing falling on me. I went back to my normal life without thinking about it, I just complied with the pastor's guidelines, I started reading the verses and the story of Ana every day, I gave everything into the hands of the Lord and in December after Christmas I found out that I was pregnant and that I had been blessed."
"I come to thank God for my twin children. They were born at 6 months and the doctors said they would not live. But the Apostle prayed by garment and they are 5 years old today. We had to use the power of words."
"I am 66 years old and have no children. My wife is 56 years old. We have been married for 17 years and never had children in our marriage. Now by the grace of God, God has worked and she has become pregnant, she is already in the 3rd month of pregnancy."
F. Guilherme
"I am Vera I belong to the Regional of Braga, I am a business woman, in the pandemic my business closed, but knowing the Word of God I continued to sow and at this time I made a purpose, to sow extra for the Apostle's projects, it happened when I reopened I invoiced much higher than usual, God is faithful to His Word."
"Her daughter was having problems in her marriage, they were thinking about divorce. Maria João always watches Basta Crer. On Sunday during the program she praised and worshiped God and as soon as she finished the practice of the Prayer Clock that is being done in the program, her daughter called her to say that the situation was resolved and that everything is fine between her and her husband. there was reconciliation, thank God."
Maria João
"For a few years, I was looking for a woman to date and consequently get married, but time passed and I was not successful, but I did not waver, I wanted a woman from the church and according to my goals. When I least expected it, a beautiful woman and according to my targets, came to me and I did nothing to make it happen, and better is that I, too, am everything that Sara (my fiancée), wrote in her targets. In addition, a week later I was accepted in a job, for which I had sown a special offer, and which was also according to my targets, because I wanted to be close to home, and with a schedule that would always allow me to serve God. In conclusion, in a little over a week, God totally changed my life, I was literally "rocked" with mega blessings. God never fails, God is faithful, for Him nothing is impossible, thank you my God."
"I had great difficulties in getting pregnant and my husband and I were very sad. I have been a member of the Church for a long time, and one night when I watched Basta Crer, I sent my prayer request and the Apostle prayed together with the Bishop for my matter, he told me to put my hand on my belly and the following weeks every day I watched this part of the program on Youtube and it gave me more and more faith and today I have confirmation. I am pregnant! I want to thank God and the Apostle very much! God is very good and I am very happy" Amanda
"I was praying for God to solve the problem of the father of my children. Well, I am divorced and my ex-husband lived with a son, and also stayed with my daughter Flávia. And this daughter of mine took care of her father exhaustively with affection, taking him almost every week to the doctor. With the fertilization pregnancy, my daughter could no longer take care of her father. I made a request in Basta Crer for God to help us find a solution. While we waited for God's answer, I sowed in church and rested assured that God would solve the problem His way. So the Lord did. A vacancy appeared in a wonderful home to place the father of my children. Everything is resolved in peace, and we are all happy with God's direction. There was even a DISCOUNT for the first 3 months of this home where he is. It was tremendous. I am grateful to the LORD FOR HIM TO HAVE ACTED. Thank you."