The last prayer I asked our Apostle was for a little girl who was born, had some complications and was on the verge of death. I said that this girl was going to live in Jesus name, Satan come out of her, it was a great miracle because she lived, she is beautiful and healthy. Glory be to God.
Yesterday I called SOS to ask for prayer for my grandson who had all the symptoms of Covid but tested negative today. Thanks be to God.
"The husband of a sister of our church in Angola had an attack of breathlessness, he was at death's door. When the church heard about it they prayed, and to everyone's amazement, he recovered the same day and was out of danger."
On examination, I was found to have a 5cm polyp in my stomach, heading towards cancer. I spoke to my Pastor who encouraged me not to give up and to trust God. In addition to the follow-up of the Pastoral Consultations, more than ever, I clung to the Book of Divine Healing and every day I meditated on it in the morning and at night, I remained faithful to God in my serving and in my tithes and offerings. Examination after examination, the polyp increased, everything was worse and surgery was scheduled. I did not conform and continued to fight for my cure. Already in the hospital, I continued to meditate on the Word of God and praise Him, because after all, God is with us in afflictions. I was operated on and at the end of the surgery, the doctor informed me that there would have been no need for that surgery because the polyp had shrunk drastically. Today, my stomach is clean and I thank God for my victory
"A few days ago I woke up with a lot of pain in my ear, I took medicine and the pain did not go away, then I listened to the divine healing audio of our apostle all morning, I fell asleep in the afternoon, and when I woke up, I no longer had any pain."
"I was having Covid symptoms, the first test was positive, I called SOS, the Apostle prayed I did the test again and to the honor of Jesus it was negative."
"Last week in the intercession part of the Family Group I asked to pray for my sister who was sick in the hospital. In the GF we spoke words of life and destroyed the power of negative words over her and they advised to make a prayer request in the Just Believe program and so I did. This week my sister is doing much better and is now at home. I thank God so much for that."
"Last week you had very swollen legs, but you could put your shoes on. While watching the program Just Believe, the Apostle called to prayer all the people who were in pain. She put her hand on the screen as the Apostle indicated and repeated after him. Sunday he went to church and he was still the same barely able to put his shoes on but as he had said the prayer he began to declare his healing. By Monday she was completely healed."
"I was always very afraid to go to the dentist. It was really dread. However, I needed to have a tooth extracted urgently. So I decided to send my prayer request to the Basta Crer program to ask that everything would work out and the apostle prayed for that prayer request and the next day I went to the dentist and I was calm and felt absolutely no pain."
"I was healed from my thyroid problem and diabetes."
"I was taking two kinds of pills, I went to the doctor and he told me to stop taking them because I was healed of thyroid and diabetes. Glory to God"
"You know a doctor who had a stroke and sent a prayer request to the program and you came out of the coma."
"Had been having menstrual pains for a long time and saw no improvement. She called her Family Group leader for help and was advised to watch Basta Crer and when the Apostle prays, put her hand on the screen and receive with faith. Yesterday she did so and today she called to say that she is feeling much better and she believes she is healed now. Honor and glory to Jesus."
"Your husband has diabetes and his diabetes levels were high. For a few days your husband went to the doctor and the levels of diabetes are no longer high and God is working in his health and he eats everything and feels very well."
"I asked for prayer for my friend Riclezia and her husband Wellington because he was hospitalized in the ICU, using oxygen with a catheter (they did a covid test and it was positive). Today I received the news that they are at home recovering, I sent her the book "There is power in your words" and every day we declared that they were healed in Jesus' name."
"Her brother suffered a stroke and the doctors said it was impossible for someone to suffer a stroke and not be left with sequelae. She says that she learned in the Manna ministry to intercede, so she began to intercede on behalf of her brother so that he would not have sequelae. The doctors began to do many tests to find out the sequelae, but when the final exam was done the doctor said that: if someone does not check the tests they will never say that he had a stroke. He didn't have any sequelae, thank God."
"Her 13 year old granddaughter had symptoms of the Covid'19 virus, she went to the hospital and the doctors prescribed several medicines and also ordered tests to test for the virus. Neusa went to the family group and with a photo of her granddaughter in her hands, she asked for prayer for her. Everyone in the Family Group prayed and declared healing over the girl's life. Days later the test result came out and to the honor and glory of God it was negative."
"Your friend had a malignant myoma in her belly and an eight centimeter cyst. The lady asked her friend to watch the program Basta Crer and to put her hand on the screen when the apostle was praying and she did so. When she returned to the doctor the malignant myoma had disappeared and the cyst had reduced from 8 centimeters to 2 centimeters, the doctor was confused and ordered repeat tests but everything was fine."
"He is grateful for the prayer that the Apostle made for his niece who was going to have a surgery for a malignant tumor. Today his niece is already at home. Glory to God"
"In his work in agriculture, he strained the fingers of his hand too much and ended up dislocating the bone of one of the fingers and so the finger swelled a lot. In one of the Basta Crerer programs, he received his healing and soon his finger started to swell."
"A mole appeared on her face. When she was watching Basta Crer and the Apostle asked people who had illnesses to put their hand on the screen, she believed and so she was healed from the sign."
"Around the age of 13 her parents realized that she was strange, she didn't eat, she didn't sleep, she didn't go to classes, she closed herself at home and cried every day, she tried suicide twice without success, she cut herself on her wrists and really wanted to die, her parents as they were worried took her to psychiatry, she was accompanied by several psychiatrists and psychologists but without any result, she took a lot of medication that put her to sleep for hours, she didn't eat and had nightmares and after a while she had huge relapses. Until one day she decided to accept Jesus and began to make pastoral consultations and so she won. Today she is different, she can smile and praise God for what he has done."
"She was a depressed young woman, she took a lot of medication and this medication prevented her from socializing with young people in a normal way. She isolated herself, spent a lot of time crying and finally could not sleep. And the moment she received Jesus, He set her free. It was a progressive healing, she was accompanied by the pastors, which helped a lot to win in this area and today she can say that she is healed and no longer takes any medication, she is a happy young woman and more than a winner."
"The father-in-law had a myocardial infarction and ended up in intensive care, at the end of the meeting he asked the pastor to pray for a handkerchief to take to intensive care, at the time the pastor was praying he completely lost consciousness. In a few minutes he came back to life and in 3 days he was out of danger and is already healed."